Glenn Beck Hatred

With Beck announcing his retreat from FOX News, the liberals seem apoplectic with glee, claiming his ratings are plummeting. What brings about a plummet, anyway.

When you’re near the top (number 3 in the nation), you can a) stay put, b) move upward, or c) go down. With the number of people rooting against Beck, any downward movement will indicate a plummet.

In the last year, Beck has moved from simply being a Right Wing Conservative, to driving home Conservatism roots based in a Christian foundation. This in itself is going to cause many viewers to jump ship. They may well have agreed with Beck’s political railings, but his “no holds barred” approach to espousing Christianity were sure to alienate many Conservatives who don’t profess convictions emanating from Christianity.

Glenn Beck has been widely labeled as a “conspiracy theorist.” Something I’d like to ask the haters of Beck is this: “What, specifically, has the man said that has been proven baseless?” For those who listened to him on radio, or watched his show, they know he goes to great lengths to build his case from one premise to the next. The vast majority of news commentators start with an assumed premise and move to a conclusion. Beck takes great care in educating his audience about his premises before moving to a conclusion. So again, what specifics can critics offer which point to Beck simply offering outlandish conspiracies without basing conclusions on evidence?

Propaganda has been utilized for eons to undermine people. The vast majority of people I’ve spoken with who hate Beck offer no specifics. In point of fact, they haven’t even listened to the man. No, most critics hate Beck because NPR, SNL, Rolling Stone, CNN, or some other source has told the audience that Beck is a wacko.

If someone out there has some specifics to offer concerning Beck’s content being baseless, I’m all ears.