Finally! Wholesome, Accurate, Entertaining & Conservative Books for Learning.

Hello. I am a former teacher, and current writer. Having spent 30 years working with adolescents and teens, I know, very well, how to write for that audience. In other words, I genuinely know how to communicate in a manner that captivates, entertains, and carefully explains.

I absolutely love American History but am saddened how it has been revised by textbook writers who seem to have very little interest in awakening this country from a 30-40 year slumber of absorbing revisions of the truth. My history book is designed to teach learners (young and old) about our wonderful heritage - beginning with the influence of Christianity, tracing the cause and effect "dominoes" which eventually led to our country, its independence, and the development of our Constitution.

As a teacher, I worked hard at entertaining my students and brightening their days; a collection of some great humor as well as one of my plays can be found here. A Quarter's Worth of Humor contains 45 jokes, anecdotes, puns, and more that routinely brought smiles and laughter from kids and adults alike. The People v BB Wolf is a play I wrote which is currently available through Eldridge Publishing. Did I Forget My Pants Again? is a collection of 22 humor columns, many of which are reproduced from a Central Washington magazine, and is best suited for adult readers.

Pushing my students to read good literature and challenging them with thought provoking questions led me to develop literature study guides, as well as a fictional book. Two of the historical fiction books I used included Rise to Rebellion and Undaunted Courage. Parents of students who participated loved this activity as it gave them an in-depth opportunity to interact with their child and truly appreciate what they were thinking and learning.

Me? A Missionary? I Don't Think So! is a journal of my trip to Cambodia and serves as motivation for outreach and discovery.

So, if you're looking for inspiring, accurate, and interesting books for adolescent and teen readers - you've found the right place. Titles will be added as I've just finished another play, and am currently working on a book about my American hero - George Washington.