Over the course of a few years, I had several humor columns published in the Central Washington monthly magazine, The Good Life. Those articles plus several more comprise the content of my new book, Did I Forget My Pants Again?

This book is intended primarily for adults. The humor is the commonplace, the everyday, the musings, and experiences which are specifically mine - but applicable to "everyman."

Editor, Mike Cassidy, was kind enough to provide this blurb: "Writing humor is hard... Jim Brigleb makes it look easy as his gentle touch makes me first smile then laugh out loud.. His gentle humor sneaks up on me until a burst of laughing spills coffee all over my favorite easy chair. Brigleb's genius is his "you-are-there" humor, where you see yourself in Jim's predicaments, and you're laughing not at Jim but at your own foibles." Mike Cassidy, The Good Life.

If you enjoy the writings of Dave Barry, Pat McMannus, Garrison Keilor, and/or Andy Rooney, I think you'll enjoy this book.

It is available through Amazon as a Kindle download for just $2.99, or Free if you are a Prime member. Or, purchase it as a hard copy through Createspace for just $9.99. To order, you can link here:

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