It may not be the biggest court case on record, but it is the funniest! B. B. (Big Bad) Wolf is being tried for the murder of the two little pigs, Wilbur and Portly. With his reputation for - shall we say - never eating vegetables, what chance does B.B. have? Hilarious flashbacks provide opportunities for the audience to see the testimony, as told by the witnesses, including the revenge-seeking mother and sister, Mrs. Pyg and Suey, and the vindictive Little Red Riding Hood. From the overbearing judge to wild prosecutors, this fun play races to a dramatic ending when the defense reveals that the two little pigs are not as dead as we all thought! Hour long.

This play was originally written for sixth graders and quickly became the hit of the community. So often, plays written for young adults are tiresome, predictable, and well... not that funny. This play is now sold through Eldridge Publishing and has been performed all over the US.